Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dresser Restoration: Finished!

Well here she is, all painted up like trash!
This is after 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of interior eggshell latex. It's an off-white colour, something I mixed up with free paint from a friend of mine (about 3 parts CIL's "European White" and 1 part pure un-tinted white). I'm keeping my eye open for pretty floral knobs for the top 2 shallow drawers.
The handles on the lower drawers will probably be different riboons, these are just what I had scraps of and I will let Ella pick out her own ribbon the next time we're at Michael's Craft Store. From this trial it seems like ribbon that is 3/4"-1" wide (or wider) is best.
Speaking of that place, I lined the bottom of the drawers with some pretty vinyl liner from there for $3/roll:

Despite me adding more then I thought was necessary of a paint conditioner (mine was Dynamic "DynaFlo Extender") there are still lots of brush strokes. I don't really mind, it gives it a homey touch. I've already had to do a few touch-ups too, just from bringing it in and you can definitely see grubby fingerprints. I've accepted that it's for a 3 year old and it's going to get beat up, so once she has "welcomed" it I'll probably scuff it up a bit more and seal it so the paint doesn't peel too far.
Here you can see the paint brush strokes (and a crack I decided not to fill):
And here you can still see the decorative inlay woodwork:
I plan to purchase 4 clear or coloured plastic baskets to organize her small things (socks, bathing suits etc) and I actually ran out of drawer liner (1 roll only did 2 drawers).

P.S. It's a good idea to mark the insides or underneath of your drawers indicating which order they go in. Most older dressers wont fit back together properly if they're out of order. I labeled mine 1-5 from top to bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this little series on Ella's dresser transformation!

And please get that Crybaby movie reference at the very beginning...

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  1. love it! I am on the hunt to do a dresser makeover for Gabby right now!