Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dresser Restoration: Part 2

It's been a bit tough to get a moment away from the kids with energy to spare lately, I actually began to miss my little project! Last time we left off, I had the body of the dresser sanded and started to patch up some man-made dents. Since then I've finished sanding the drawers and filled & sanded the dents in the front of the drawers. There were more on the drawer fronts then the dresser's body, I'm assuming because damage-inflicting children couldn't quite reach the top of the dresser.

I didn't want the inside to be messy with over spray, so I masked off most of the openings by recycling packaging (from my new PVR and washing machine! Woot woot!) Before I sprayed an area with primer, I protected my sidewalk with cardboard and lifted the edge up with a roll of tape (to be able to spray the edge without dirt or grass getting in the new paint).

So here it is with the first coat of primer. I used Krylon all-purpose white spray primer - simple, cheap, easy to find. When spraying primer or paint, it's really important to go with multiple thin coats rather then one thick coat. This piece has lots of curves and dips in the detail, so I spray an even line from one angle, from the complete opposite angle, and then in the middle to make sure I have all the sides of all the curves covered. If you hang around in one area too long you will create drips, so it's easier to go back in once it's dry then it is to sand in the little detail. Also, spray indoors (with extremely good ventilation) or in the shade (like I did) so that the heat from the direct sunlight doesn't force the paint to dry faster then it should, this could cause blistering, cracking or uneven coating. Krylon dries in "10 minutes or less".
And of course I ran out... One can did 75% of this dresser body, so I can probably get the drawers and the last side done with one more can. Some people do 2 coats of primer, I'm only doing 1 since I'll probably go for a distressed/antique look.

Now that I have the first layer of primer on, it's the best time to look it over for dents & scratches that I missed. Like these boredom-bred beauties:
And a few (probably naturally occurring) scratches. There's also one spot that I didn't sand very well, because it's in a low spot and hard to get to.

So there's the progress report, nothing too interesting. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be picking up another can of primer and finishing it up, stay tuned!

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