Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Laundry Room is Done(ish) - After!

My whole house could be considered "done-ish", which makes everything a mess. I'm such a procrastinator. It seems like as soon as an area is functional again I pile everything back in, make it a disaster to start the next project, and never actually put the finishing details on it. Our bedroom still doesn't have baseboard, after almost 4 years of it being done. Ella's room and the living room still need crown moulding, the living room needs even more window and door trim... (see a trend here?) But thankfully the laundry room has most of it's trim.... hahaha.

Anyway, so the laundry room still needs a few things:
- 2 pieces of trim on the plant window
- 2 sets of hinges & install doors on cabinets above dryer
- A transition strip for the back door
- A horizontal piece of trim for under the step to the kitchen (once the kitchen floor is in)
- 5 Baskets for the little shelf beside the freezer
- The door & chair painted green
- A small mirror on the wall with the clips & clock
- A tray for Lorne's boots behind the door
- Counter tops
- The shoe cabinet exchanged

So let's compare, shall we?

And more specifically:
More of those amazing green acrylic knobs (there are 5 in the room).
Still loving the (now painted) bead board, trim and floors!
The top of the window still needs trim and the gap in the bottom. Not all those pots are staying there.
Martha found this chair for me at Goodwill for $8! Coincidentally, it's originally from Ikea, ha ha ha!
It will be painted green (the same paint from Logan's room) and crackled & distressed.
Unfortunately, the two drawers on the left of the shoe cabinet weren't drilled properly so they rub on the vertical divider in the middle. I'll have to exchange it at Ikea and hope the next one I bring home is drilled properly. Otherwise it works really well, and holds at least 8 pairs of shoes! (FYI - It has now been exchanged and the new one is perfect!)
The baskets on top of the shelf hold things like sunglasses, travel size things of kleenex & lotion, gloves, hats etc.
Since this was posted, I got a tray for Lorne's boots and hooks to hang the ironing board (in the same spot). But I have yet to paint the outside door green.
I found these giant clothes pins at Micheal's for $2 & $5 and sprayed them aqua (from the kitchen) and olive.
Love this little messaging center!
The jars have since been painted 2 different shades of green and I've added chalkboard labels,
they hold change and papers I find in Lorne's pockets when I wash laundry.

I got this rug in the as-is section of Ikea for $30 instead of the original $50, it's the perfect colours!
The can on the left is an umbrella stand, but our umbrella's are still in storage...

And a break down of the budget:
Flooring (on sale) - $70
Beadboard Panels - $280
Trim (approximate) - $200 (plus 4 tubes of caulk)
Paint & stain - $37
Cabinets (including door fronts, legs and knobs) - $237
Shoe Cabinet - $150
Decorative (rug, light, clock, vases etc) - $130
Plant& Pots - $33

I'd say I saved at least $150 by buying things like the cabinets and decorative items from the as-is section of Ikea, and I saved $70 by buying the flooring when it was on sale (which actually sparked this renovation)!

Edited April 14th to add:
Yesterday I went to Ikea (yet again) to purchase the counter tops, horizontal hinges, pantry shelves and a few small things. Ella wanted to go to Smaland, so I dropped her off and headed directly to the kitchen department upstairs. I was surprisingly unfazed when the kitchen specialist told me that I shouldn't have bought the horizontal cabinets from the as-is section without the hinges because they don't sell the hinges separately and now I would have to go somewhere else that sold cabinets (like Home Depot) but they would probably end up being more expensive then just buying an entirely new cabinet (or in my case - 2 cabinets) from Ikea just to get the hinges. So I got the form I needed for the counter tops and went on my way. I got through to the point where I was waiting for them to bring out the counter top to me, but had to wait at least 20 minutes just for them to tell me that although I've already paid for it, they don't have it in stock... So I had to go to the Returns & Exchanges counter (AGAIN!) to get my money back and will probably have to wait 2-3 weeks for that counter (IF I decide I even want it now). While the same guy that returned my money for the shoe cabinet a mere hour ago was returning my money for the oversold counter tops, I asked him about the horizontal hinges. He confirmed that they did not sell them seperately, but he could order them for me and they would take at least 2-3 weeks. While we waited for the counter exchange to be verified, he told me to wait there while he checked something...
There must have been a glow of sunshine around him and angels singing or something, because he came back with a pair of brand new gas-powered horizontal hinges JUST FOR ME! And he said I could "just take them"! I couldn't thank him enough, I was so shocked! I went from assuming I'd have to give up on the cabinets having doors or pay another $180, to scoring 2 sets of FREE hinges out of the kindness of this guy's heart!
Ikea, you're lucky some of your employees are amazing.


  1. I'm glad that someone restored your faith in Ikea. The laundry room looks AWESOME!!!!! I just love how bright and cozy it feels.

  2. "There must have been a glow of sunshine around him and angels singing or something"


    Ashley, do you remember this guys name? Is it on any of your return reciepts? You should write them and tell them about how amazing he was, cause you never know - it might just make his day too!

  3. I was looking for a name tag, but he didn't have one and I wanted to ask him if I could put in a good word somehow, but my shyness overcame me. Maybe I'll see him again.

    Thanks for the compliments guys!
    I am so pleased with how all this work came out, it was completely worth it. I love being in that room, sometimes I just go and sit in there and marvel at how much better it all looks.

  4. I LOVE the gorgeous natural light in your house. And I love that the renovations work with that, the way you use color almost minimally but with great impact. Wonderful job! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Where did you get the amazing green acrylic knobs? Ikea?

  6. These green acrylic knobs are from Michael's, they still have them in the "Fun Finds" bins where everything is under $5. There were purple, clear and pink as well.
    Ikea also has green acrylic knobs (and other colours) but they're very simple and modern.