Friday, April 1, 2011

Laundry Room Checklist

Again with the lists, I love 'em! This is more for my personal reference, but it can give you an idea of how much work still needs to be done...

Entire project to-do list:
  • Empty out room, store in kitchen
  • Remove trim, siding & linoleum
  • Move necessary wiring
  • Build up any areas that need extra support or depth
  • Purchase, measure, cut & install bead board panels
  • Roll out foam underlay, staple, tape
  • Purchase, measure, cut & install new laminate flooring
  • Purchase, cut, stain & install plant shelves
  • Assess floor plan & cabinets (organize craft drawers)
  • Purchase, cut & install baseboards, door & window moulding, 1/4 round
  • Sink nail heads & caulk all seams
  • Paint all surfaces
  • Purchase & install new ceiling light fixture
  • Install machines, pipes & vents permanently
  • Stain & hang big coat rack permanently
  • Purchase & install shoe storage
  • Build, install & fill cabinets, add doors & knobs
  • Purchase, cut, stain(?) & install counter tops
  • Find & paint chair
  • Spray accessories as necessary
  • Decorate (baskets, clock, hooks, rails etc)
To purchase:
  • Trip to Ikea for shoe storage, cabinet doors, shelves & hinges & counter top
  • Baskets for 12" shelves near door
  • An old beat up solid wood chair to paint green (to replace white bench)
  • Mirror near outside door
  • Hooks to hang the ironing board
To Make: 
  • More labels (once everything is put away)

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