Friday, April 15, 2011

Kitchen To-Do List

There's going to be a lot of work (hopefully) done in a very short amount of time in the kitchen. I've pretty much mapped it out what order everything needs to get done in, but I may or may not actually follow that (it's like a rule - meant to be broken).
Again, this is more for my personal reference, but it could give you an idea of how much work will be done.

Entire project to-do list:

  • Empty room
  • Prepare for paint (scrub walls, caulk cracks, remove switch covers, tape off trim)
  • Paint upper half of walls yellow (x2 coats) 
  • Remove light fixtures
  • Spray 3 lights black (2/3)
  • Paint ceiling white (x1 coat)
  • Re-install light fixtures (in different places)
  • Remove all trim
  • Hang & paint textured wallpaper on lower half of walls
  • Change light switches & outlets
  • Remove old flooring, clean underneath, build up threshold to laundry room
  • Install new flooring (1/2 way)
  • Paint, build & fill pantry
  • Disconnect sink
  • Remove old counter tops
  • Cut back old back splash to below counter height
  • Install remaining flooring under appliances
  • Rearrange cupboards, secure to wall
  • Cut & install new counter tops
  • Reconnect sink & dishwasher
  • Install new back splash
  • Install chair rail & all new trim
  • Install cabinet door organizers, drawer baskets
  • Fill holes in doors from knobs & handles
  • Paint cabinets & all trim white (x1 coat)
  • Install new handles & knobs
  • Hang shelves/racks/hooks etc
  • Hang frames & other decorations
To Purchase/Construct:
  • Counter tops
  • Back splash
  • More shelves
  • New table & chairs set
(I've decided against putting a cart in the cupboard gap, I don't think it would do much more then just installing some open shelves would instead. Also, the walls are starting to feel cluttered so I'm opting out of curtains, at least for now.)

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