Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kitchen Progress

Just a little update here while I procrastinate to not paint the ceiling...

So far I have painted the upper walls yellow, it's actually called "Flax seed" by CIL Paints. It's important to make sure you use the appropriate paints in your home, and try to use low VOC paints. In this case, I used Kitchen, Bath & Laundry Room paint which is mildew resistant, durable (to scrub food off your walls) and has a satin finish.
I couldn't decide if I should replace the trim or not, it was in ok condition and it would obviously save money to just paint it instead of buying all new stuff. But when it came down to it, the work I'm doing will look nicer when rough edge are hidden by new trim and it would be the only room in the house still left with flat boring old trim. So after carefully masking off the trim to paint, I ended up ripping it all down anyways. Every surface we've revealed in this house has this coat of green paint, it's so weird!
I also just finished installing all of the wallpaper on the bottom of the walls. It's a paintable textured damask-embossed wallpaper by Debbie Travis, with a soft foamy feel to the raised detail. It's supposed to mask bad textured walls, cracks, and bumps. I'm hoping that because it's cushiony it will be durable against the kids, chairs and other things hitting the walls. And because it's paintable I can use a white version of the scrubable kitchen paint I used above to be able to wash it as necessary. If you're interested in this wallpaper but don't like the design, it also comes in bead board, diamond steel, polka dots, speckled, grass cloth, and tin ceiling type textured patterns made by Debbie Travis or Wall Doctor, and can be found at Canadian Tire and other home improvement stores like Home Depot and Rona. You don't have to use it just for walls either, try it on ceilings, dressers, backs of bookcases or even cupboard doors! Check out this post that uses the same wallpaper.

At first I was scared that the yellow was too strong and dark, but I think the orange floors are throwing me off. Once they're a more neutral colour (see the posts on my laundry room) it wont look so much like a box of crayons.
While it's wet, it looks a little beige so the design is more noticeable, but once it dries it's a solid white, and I will paint it white as well.
This section has dried, but is not painted. There is a chair rail going in between the two halves of the walls.

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  1. Oh wow that's going to look great! Keep up the good work!