Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kitchen Progress v2.0

Have you been watching my to-do list slowly get crossed off? Okay, don't lie... you probably haven't, but I have! Here's an update from the last update post:

Some things still aren't finished, but low funds and time are mainly to blame for that. We still have to buy all the trim (window/door/baseboard/chair rail), more shelves and figure out the back splash. And I have a lot of painting to do - cupboards, lower walls, and the trim once it's installed. Thankfully it's all going to be with the same paint. Now that Easter is over I can slowly plug away at those things when I have little windows of time between taking care of the kidlets and maintaining the rest of the house.
(Sorry, these pictures were taken before the sun was completely up this morning)

Facing Southwest. I need to buy 1 or 2 more shelves for above the microwave for my non-food plants.
South. UHG, lack of black spash brings everything down.
East. Still need to spray the two other lights black.
North. Any ideas about that frame (on the floor to the right)? It would make a really cute chalkboard, but I clearly already have one... It's big - about 12"x24".

The pantry! (This picture was taken a week or so ago, before we did the floors) Putting most of the food in this closet has really freed up some cupboard space, it's unbelievable! Also, before I put the shelves in, I painted the whole inside of the closet aqua (the same paint from Ella's bedroom). CUTE! I'm going to add a few more shelves that only come halfway into the bottom, so I can still get the vacuum in and out.

NEW COUNTER TOPS! (And the handles/knobs I have yet to install)
I still need to purchase a second shelf (and proper hooks for this one). The back splash will come up to the bottom of the cabinets to the left and straight across. Get a load of that green gingham wallpaper eh? They certainly weren't shy on the glue when putting that paneling up!
 I sprayed this light black, it was originally a brown/rust colour - not bad for $5 at Habitat for Humanity! I need to find some of those decorative "candle" tubes to hide the hardware, and I think some shades to help point the light downwards. I don't think I'll add crystals.
I painted this shelf white, it was originally orange-ish wood, left behind by the previous owners of the house.
A work in progress, I think the white frame at the top needs something in it. (It's hard to see, but the chalkboard frames say Happy Easter)
So there ya have it! (so far) Quite a change from what it was before!
You may have noticed that the gap in the cupboards has moved, when we took the counter top off (it wasn't even screwed down) we realized that they were separate cubes and we were able to completely rearrange them! So we swapped the two end ones, one is 24" the other is 30" wide, so by putting the 30" wide one near the stove, I can actually get my pots and pans in and out of the cupboard! We also switched the drawers and the stove in their places, which allowed the drawers to be more centrally located and close to the dishwasher and main preparation area. Now that the gap (which I will eventually build a cart to go inside of) is out of your direct view, the cupboards look much more streamline and flow so much nicer. I also went through and purged a lot of things in the cupboards that I never use, which provided a lot more room for the things I do use.

I'm extremely happy with the progress and how everything looks so far. Lorne and I have put a lot of work into this house, and I can finally love almost every room now. I think once all the last parts are in, the kitchen will be my favourite rooms.


  1. Ahhh it's looking great! And you should turn that frame into one of those pincushion boards! I think they're called like French foam boards? Something like that but I'm not really sure, but it would be great to pin things into like kiddos artwork or receipts from shopping etc... so your refrigerator won't get too cluttered and it would be pretty!

  2. Your room is adorable, however, I have to say, your baby is so stinking cute! Sounds like you have some great ideas for the space, it looks great so far.