Thursday, March 31, 2011

Laundry Room Progress

Over the past 2 weeks we have made some great progress in the laundry room. It's still waiting for a few things like trim, paint and all the "decorating", but the work we've been able to finish has really made a difference. Here's the before post.
Saturday, the kids and I went into Edmonton to get away from the noise and mess. My mom offered to spend the day with Ella, so they baked muffins while Martha, Logan and I went shopping. I picked up some beautiful green acrylic knobs for the laundry room cabinet doors, 3 wooden apple baskets, a new recipe book and some other things, including a super neat fuzzy pipe cleaner monster craft for the kids from Micheals.
Ella looks really weird in this picture, she was tired.
We went to a few other places and then stopped at Fat Burger for some lunch. (The name of that place makes me cringe every time, but the food is so amazing and it's got really cute 50's diner decor.)
Logan and I sharing a California burger, with swiss and guacamole! Mmmm
Then of course we spent at least 2 hours at Ikea. This is becoming a weekly occurrence, and my bank account doesn't really like it. But I bought some shelves for the laundry room cabinets, a new bathroom scale, and some other stuff that I sadly can't even remember right now... By the time we were done it was too late and I was too tired to drive home, so we stayed at my mom's.
The next morning Lorne called saying he needed more wall panel adhesive and beer, so we had breakfast and left. But of course I got distracted and stopped in at Rona (for the adhesive, I swear) and ended up buying a huge white mirror for my front hall similar to this, but for only $30!
Once I got home Lorne had made quite a bit of progress on the laundry room walls:
Logan missed Daddy so much that he wouldn't let him put him down, so Lorne put him in his Carhart overalls like a baby carrier!
Once the walls were up by Monday afternoon, I was able to caulk the seams and install the floor (that's right, I put the floor down all by myself) so we could finally move the machines back and wash a load of diapers.
 Oh yeah, and somewhere in there we cut, stained and installed my plant shelves:
Taken from the kitchen side, looking into the laundry room. Most of these plants will go elsewhere once I plant my herbs, but that's lettuce and spinach in the long tin pot on the top!
So of course as soon as I could get laundry going again I did about 5 loads and piled a bunch of stuff back in this room because I'm sick of it clogging up the rest of the house. So now it looks like this (please remember it still needs molding and a coat of white paint everywhere):
I can't get over how much I love those floors!
I brought in a few of the cabinets, but we can't install the upper ones until I get some L-brackets tomorrow. Not everything pictured will stay in their current spots, and some things have even moved since I took these photos. The grey bins are staying there for recycling, and that sage-coloured thing beside them is the cat's "poo igloo". One of my main problems right now is that white bench to the left, I built it a while back to serve as shoe storage and a place to sit as you put your shoes on, but we never ended up sitting on it because it was always buried under the coat rack. So now I'm wondering if we need it, if I should get a different shoe storage system, if I should replace it with a narrower stool or chair so I can put my craft drawers back in there, where I should put my craft drawers, and what to do with the bench if it's not here.

On the far south wall (the windows to the right in the picture above) there is a new 24" wide cabinet (eventually it will have these doors and a butcher block counter top) that I've designated for (from top to bottom) Ella's games and cards, child-friendly crafts & colouring, and our boardgames. It covers a bit of the window, but I'm not concerned because it's covered on the outside with a beautiful purple flowering vine. And we chose 8" tall steel legs to allow the dryer vent to snake under the cabinet instead of losing storage space by having it go through the bottom shelf.
To the right of that (when looking at it) is the washing machine, then dryer, then chest freezer, then a 12" wide cabinet (originally for the wall) with 5 little cubbies (it will also have a wooden top):
I plan to put 5 baskets in there, one for each family member's things like sunglasses, wallets, and other things you need as you're leaving the house. The top one will be a "charging station" with a power bar. It has 6" steel legs to allow the outlet behind it to be completely inside the cabinet. Directly to the right of this is the doorway to the rest of the house. The other narrow cabinet you see will go on the wall, hiding the meter and electrical box inside with a shelf or two above the meter. I also have two 15" tall x 30" wide horizontal cabinets that I will probably hang one on top of the other directly to the left of this cabinet with the meter inside, either that or open shelves.
And I made these tags for the baskets:

On the far north wall (behind me in most of these pictures) is the coat rack that I built from scraps of plywood. It also got a new stain job during this renovation, it's supposed to match the flooring and plant shelves, but it doesn't... Thanks Ikea! *thumbs down*
The pile in the corner is tools and supplies so it won't be there for much longer, there's not much we can do about that pipe and electrical box (it's our outdoor light fixture), the door to the right in this picture is our back door to our yard (that I'm thinking of painting green), and the doorway to the left leads to the kitchen, bathroom and rest of the house through the living room. The small wall between the corner and the door on the right is where I plan to hang the ironing board, and from the corner to under the two right hooks is where I would put that shoe cabinet if I got it (it would stop about halfway across the wall, and just under that blue & green bag) then I plan on putting 2 hooks in the empty space on the lower left corner of the wall for the kids' coats.

So overall I'm really pleased with what's been done so far and I know it's only going to get better with molding and paint (hopefully in the next couple days). I absolutely love the flooring, and I can't wait to get the rest of it into my kitchen! In the next little while I'll be sourcing out more storage options to maximize the wall space and figuring out where I can get more hits of colour in olive and aqua.


  1. your creative domestic genius never ceases to amaze me. I can not WAIT to see the final product :o)

  2. Thanks Ashley! Lorne says it never ceases to confuse and frustrates him... Ah well!
    It's coming along nicely, hopefully it will be done in two weeks.