Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laundry Room BEFORE

I'm one of the few that actually like to do laundry. I love the smells of the soaps, the little treasures I find in my kids' and husband's pockets, and I find hanging and folding the laundry relaxing. Sheets flapping in the wind on the line on a warm summer's day; a line of brightly coloured diapers; warm blankets, pajamas or sweaters straight out of the dryer... Ahhhh it's like heaven.

But until now it's actually been a cluttered, backwards, cramped, orange & brown linoleum hell:
(south view)
(north view)
Uhg I can't believe I showed the entire internet that horrid mess.

Not only is this the place where I wash at least 7 loads laundry per week, it is also forced to serve as the back entry way, mud room for 4 people's outdoor wear and other extra storage, it houses all my craft supplies, the recycling, the deep freezer, boardgames and a plant or two. It's the landing zone for anything without a real home, or has to go to other homes.
And it's only 6'3" x 13'8". Two walls are painted plywood, the other two are outdoor vinyl siding. What was once a window became a shelf and then a wall, and another window became a recycling chute and will soon become a garden. I love the sun from the huge windows, but wish they weren't really old wood and energy un-efficient. The linoleum is ripped and nailed down in some spots with upholstery tacks, and of course none of the wiring is to code.   /shame

So I got sick of it and emptied out the room:
And made my husband rip the walls down:
And do some rewiring (here you can see my chalk drawings of where the cabinets are going to go):
And bought the new walls!
Now all I need is a caulking gun, a skill saw and a place to cut the boards! (and someone to entertain the kids)

And here's an outdated Ikea Home Planner version of my new layout plan:
(south view)
(northwest view) Except the shelves will be in that window/hole, not under, for plants!

I think I'll leave the beadboard walls all white, the floors will be new "Antique Stain" laminate wood, and I'm still deciding on the accent colour... I'm thinking little pops of orange here and there would be cheerful, but I'm still not 100% convinced that the orange won't clash with the wood tones in the room (I think my kitchen floor has instilled this fear in me).

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