Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day of Antiques

Yesterday I drove into town and went to an antique sale. With admission only being $3 and tables packed full of shiny, rusty, neat things as far as the eye could see, I knew I was in for trouble. Thankfully I had Martha (my bag carrier) and Mom (my childminder) along with me. So with Logan strapped into the wrap on my chest, I set off to dig through piles of fine china, old tools, metal toy trains, books, records, irons, a little bit of furniture and anything else I could find. There was so much stuff there they had to have it in an aviation hangar!

The haul.

A set of milk glass dishes ($12), the original Slap Chop ($5), some glass flower frogs ($5), a set of aluminum coffee/tea/sugar tins ($8).

My mom picked up some tarnished silver forks and spoons for me earlier, not quite sure what I'll do with them yet. She also found this nest for me, and I picked up this bird at the antiques sale for $2.

A meat grinder! My mom and Lorne think I'm silly for buying this (for $2!) because it seems to be missing a small peice near the blades, but it's not like I intend on using it.

A close up of that wooden bird.

A better shot of those tins.
There were a few things I saw and liked but wasn't willing to pay anywhere near their asking price, like a statue of a gnome frying eggs for $75. And there are a few things I'm still thinking of now that I'm regretting not considering them a little more while I was there, like another iron with it's handle (but it was $20).

Afterward we went across the street for some lunch:
Logan and Grandma playing.
Martha checking us in on Facebook...
Ella, reading her "menu" looking fr-umpy (she was tired and hungry).

Logan snacking and wanting to play with the camera.
Unfortunately, most of the things I purchased will be going in my kitchen or laundry room, and they're still under construction. So those photos will have to wait.

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  1. Hi, you have a great blog! Those retro kitchen canisters were a bargain. I love your style and before and after photos. Alison