Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Honey, What's this for?!"

An On-going List of Organizing Tips You Didn't Think of Until It's Too Late:

- Label each cord near the plug end on the power bar. Trying to unplug the Christmas lights while not unplugging your husband's video game = Game Over.
- Separate the new batteries from the dead batteries in a hard & sealed container until you're able to properly dispose of them. Not even labeling a Ziploc bag "Dead" in the junk drawer will withstand the back and forth slamming of frequent use and battery search.
- Based on your children's age(s) store fun and harmless plastic containers in a low cupboard or drawer, dangerous knives in a secure spot 4 feet off the ground, and help-themselves snacks in easy to open sealed containers in a not-too-low-for-crawling/not-to-high-for-school-aged children.
- Designate separate sides for his & hers toiletries, before you run out of mousse. Take the side of the cabinet that's easiest to reach and closest to the sink and mirror to line up all your hair and skin products, shove all his deodorants and shaving creams to the far side, and save the center section for common multi-use things like Band-aids & pain relievers.
- Wrap extension cords and wires around your arm, hand or stiff sheet of cardboard/plastic to avoid tangles and keep them kink free. Extension cords longer then 25 feet need a bigger loop then your forearm can provide. Secure in one or two spots with twist ties, zip ties, Velcro loops, ribbon, elastic bands or human hair (just kidding!). Yell at your husband when he tightly winds the free end around instead of using a tie, these tight coils often stay in the wires and can be frustrating when trying to run the cord discretely along a wall later on. However, do not do this with cables used for television cable or satellite (called coaxial cables) because the wires inside can break and kink - let these cables make their own rounds (usually makes coils 2 feet in diameter) but still secure them with a tie.
- Colour Code your cleaning rags. No body wants to wipe the kitchen counter with the same rag you clean your bathroom or dust your tv with. Coordinate the colour of cloth with the colour of the room.

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