Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Containing Your Clutter, Literally.

10 Tips On Using and Choosing Containers For Storage:

- Clear containers are best so you can see the contents. Label all containers with whatever they contain.
- Don't forget those monsters under the bed, I mean that storage space... You can buy containers that have wheels for extra sweater storage. There are also clear containers for rolls of wrapping paper and bows that can go under a guest room bed. Most beds have at least a foot high of unused space under them, just make sure you protect your items from dust bunnies and pet hair with a plastic lidded container or cotton sheet attached over top.
- Stacking containers often save space and are more stable. Wire shelves let you put one size container underneath and another size above. Stacking pullout drawers under the bathroom sink are great space savers too.
- Use tool boxes or fishing tackle boxes to help store those small items. Tackle boxes with all their little compartments are great for crafting supplies, jewelry, and fix-it kits with tacks and safety pins. Tool boxes are a great place to keep simple tools all in one place like tape, scissors, and flashlights.
- Choose the size and shape of your container specifically for what will go inside it. Don't buy a container that 'looks like it will fit' only to get it home and it not fit into your spot, or the items wont fit inside. Measure your space that you will be putting the containers in, and measure the item itself if necessary.
- When stacking, buy containers all in the same style and brand so they'll create a stable vertical structure. In some situations, it helps to buy the kind of bin with side access, so you don't have to unstack your containers every time you want to grab something.
- Choose containers based on where they will be stored. For high shelves, get small containers that you can lift easily. On low shelves, you can use bigger, heavier containers.
- Remember Colour. The colour of your storage bins may be important in a couple of scenarios. If the bins are highly visible in the home, you may want the containers to blend well with your decor. If you are organizing by colour - say, each family member has a different storage bin on a particular shelf - you may want to buy the same-size bin in different colours or at least use coloured labels. Using different coloured bins in a children's room is extremely beneficial when learning to clean up - say, all the animals go in the green bin, all the trucks go in the blue bin etc.
- Consider labelling containers twice, on a long side and short side. This way if your system changes and the rectangular bin has to be turned sideways to fit, there's still a label on the side that is now considered the front.
- Envision the future. Kids grow up, you move, your interests change -- all of these inevitable things mean that your storage needs will shift as the months and years pass. When you buy a storage container, ask yourself whether it can be put to other uses once your current need has passed. Your children's toy storage may fit in other rooms, but do you really want rainbow coloured drawers in your living room?

Source: Style At Home - Organizing

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