Monday, April 12, 2010

The Play Fort!

April 10th, 2010
Well, 3 trips, and $991 later we have this:
Fourteen 2"x4"x8'
Three 2"x4"x10'
Three 2"x8"x8'
Twenty Nine 2"x6"x8'
Three 2"x6"x10'
Seven 2"x10"x8'
Two 4"x4"x8'
Six 4"x4"x10'
Four Cement 4"x4" Post Blocks
Eighteen 3/4"x8" Carriage Bolts w/ Nuts and Washers
One Million 2.5" long Deck Screws
Two Swings, a Telescope & Steering Wheel.

And 4 hours of labour later:

But not nearly enough patience or planning, 35 km/h winds, a lunch break and a fire call results in this:
There it sits, abandoned in the back yard until Lorne gets back from putting out a grass fire. DON'T THROW YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS OUT THE CAR WINDOW, YOU IDIOTS!

And we still need:
Ten 2"x4"x6'
Two 4'x8' Sheets of Lattice
Four 4'x8' Sheets of Plywood
A Slide (To be delivered on Wednesday)

April 12th, 2010
Thankfully, the end of day 1 and all of day 2 went a lot better then the first morning! Lorne's uncle Ken showed up to help out around supper time, and then our friend Mikey came over to help on day 2 (Sunday). Everything went smoother, and a lot faster with 3 people! They made another trip to a hardware/lumber store and we'll actually have to make yet another trip this afternoon.
But, no complaints coming from me! I'm far too giddy about the progress!

Yeah yeah, less jaw waggin' more picture loadin'!

I LOVE the deck!

Try to picture a sand box underneath.

First go on the new swings!