Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Periwinkle to Plaid.

The Comparison:
The North half of the room BEFORE...

The North half of the room AFTER!

The South half of the room BEFORE...
Please excuse my Christmas decorations, this room is used for storage while we wait for our new bundle.

The South half of the room AFTER!

The Process:

This is a more realistic shade of the colour, most of the pictures read a little too lime.
Ella even helped!

The Glorious Result!:

Most of the pictures make it look way more of a neon lime colour then it actually is. It's called Serengeti Plains, and is a softer mossier colour in actual lighting. I still need to tape off and repaint all the white trim and ceiling(because it's scuffed up over the years and some paint leaked a tiny bit) as well as the door, because it's still purple... Hang curtains, change the light fixture, etc...

The Leksvik wooden crib will go against the plaid wall, then we have the white change table and shelf.... and that's pretty much it! Maybe a dresser once we realize that we need more clothes storage space.

I hope you enjoyed my simple post about painting this room! Don't let paint intimidate you, after all if you don't like it, you can always paint over it!

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